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What Does Roadside Assistance Cover

A Reliable Roadside Specialist Explains

Roadside assistance cover is a way to help drivers when their vehicles break down. The road service provider that is sent to assist you, in your time of need, depends on the location of the accident, the automobile you are driving, and the particular circumstances. Usually, the insurance company of your car is the one that requests a team to get in touch with you and arrange a service on your behalf, and they will dispatch the closest and most appropriate providers to come and help you out.

By adding roadside assistance to your insurance policy, you generally get:

Towing Service

Towing is required when a vehicle fails to start or is unable to be driven correctly or safely. Depending on the roadside assistance provider you call, they will tow your vehicle to a mechanic up to a limited number of miles. They won’t leave your vehicle stranded but will charge you extra for every mile that goes over their limit.

Flat Tires

This can happen to anyone, and experts, such as myself, are there to help you in your time of need. This includes replacing your flat tire with either the one in your trunk or a new one.

Battery Jump-Start Service

This is a highly effective attempt to start a vehicle by jump-starting the battery. Unless, of course, otherwise advised by the manufacturer. For example, anyone driving an electric car should reference the owner’s manual, given they operate differently from most mechanical vehicles on the road. This makes such vehicles subject to fewer service professionals.

Lockout and Locksmith Service 

These are for when a driver is unable to enter his/her vehicle. But there is a difference between the two. A lockout service is considered when a professional helps a driver open his/her automobile. Whereas, a locksmith service will only be requested if the lockout specialist fails to gain entry into the driver’s vehicle.

Fuel Delivery Service

This service is provided to drivers by a professional who will arrive at the specified location with enough gas or other type of fuel to get the vehicle to the nearest gas station. Keep in mind that some roadside assistants will charge for the fuel, considering they use the area’s pump price in determining the fee for the stranded driver.

Extrication or Winching Service

This is the process of moving an either constrained or a vehicle that is stuck. If it takes more than one professional and truck to dislodge the vehicle, there are typically additional costs.

If you need such roadside assistance, you can easily work out the details with me by dialing (901) 300-7316. V & B Affordable Towing will quickly send you an expert to come and get your vehicle back on the road in a timely and effective manner. Whether you reside or are stuck on the road in the area of Memphis, TN, I’m looking forward to your call. Give me a call today!

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