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Things to Avoid Doing When You’re Stranded by the Roadside

Safety Tips When You Need Roadside Towing

Car troubles can happen to anyone for different reasons. While no driver wants to be in that situation, it is of great importance to be prepared for it. Knowing what to do until the roadside towing service arrives, will not only reduce your stress levels but also keep you safe, especially if you are stranded on the emergency lane of the highway.

Move Away from the Road

Not all roads have emergency lanes, so it is of paramount importance that you move your car away from the road. Either park your vehicle at an emergency bay or at the side of the road. Set up the warning triangle at the designated distance and step off the road. This will prevent accidents and will keep you safe until the auto assistance comes to you.

Make Yourself Visible

Setting up the warning triangle may not be enough for other drivers to notice your vehicle by the roadside. Turn on the blinkers and lights to make your car visible from afar. Also, put on your reflective vest to make yourself visible as well. Your personal safety must be your top priority until the roadside towing service arrives.

Do Not Get Distracted

Even if you have done everything that is mentioned above, you shouldn’t drop your guard. You are in close proximity to a road and you don’t know the other drivers. If you have no other choice than to remain in your car, have your seat belt on at all times. Staying alert may help prevent additional damage or injuries.

Be Patient

Nervously pacing around your car will put you in harm’s way. Remain patient and try to understand that your roadside towing expert may take some time to come to you.

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