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Incidents Where You Need to Tow Your Vehicle

Reasons People Call a 24 Hour Tow Truck Service Provider 

Authorities believe that the main reason for heavy traffic is the negligence of some drivers in checking their vehicle before leaving the garage causing unexpected vehicle damage to happen like busted tires, dead car battery, and engine failure. If this happens to you, especially while driving at night, you must call a 24 hour tow truck service provider right away. The expert will come to your location in just a few minutes. Here are the unfortunate events wherein you need to call the experts:

Vehicle collision

This is the most common scenario where people should call professional towing companies. Once this unfortunate event happens to you, have your car towed away from the crash site. Serious damage is possible in the areas where the engine and fuel tank are located. If the professionals have yet to come, stay away from the site and let the authorities do the investigation.


Regardless of the maintenance provided to the vehicle, an engine overheating call still happen. You need to bring your car to the nearest auto repair shop as soon as possible before the damage spreads to the vehicle’s transmission. Since you cannot drive an overheated vehicle, call a 24 hour tow truck service provider instead. You must inform the team of your exact location and the destination where you want your vehicle to be towed.

Dead battery

The extremely hot and cold temperatures are the reasons why the car’s battery suddenly loses power. Nowadays, some car recovery professionals are offering a car battery jump-start¬†service. They will provide an electric shock to your battery using car cables connected to their truck’s battery. If this doesn’t work, they will tow your vehicle to the nearest auto shop in the area.

If these issues happen while you’re driving around the streets of Memphis, TN, the reliable and affordable towing service provider you can depend on is V & B Affordable Towing. To know how I provide the services I offer, give me a call at (901) 300-7316 today.

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