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How to Prevent Common Roadside Problems

How To Address Common Issues Before Hiring a Roadside Assistance Service Provider

Has the battery of your vehicle gone dead? Or perhaps you are dealing with a flat tire in the middle of the road? Have you run out of gas, but there is no gas station nearby? These are all issues that could happen to anyone, and that is why are considered some of the most common roadside accidents.

While some institutions, such as the AAA, carry out studies as a way to promote the services of the motor/travel group, it does also give information about the help that motorists need on the road. We, at V & B Affordable Towing have dealt with various types of auto assistance and have compiled a list of the things you should consider before turning to our roadside assistance service.

Check for A Spare Tire

Make sure you check your vehicle for a spare tire before purchasing it. If it does not have one, consider getting one as an option. You should also consider purchasing a tire inflator kit, as well.

Note: This toolkit cannot remedy all types of tire damage! 

Check All the Tires

Be sure to have the tires of your vehicle regularly inspected, at least once every month. The things you want to look for are tire pressures and proper inflation. This affects vehicle handling along with tire wear. Rotate the tires according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for the vehicle.


AAA advises motorists to take special care of their “smart keys” and keyless entry fobs. Make sure you build a habit of taking your keys before exiting your car. Avoid any exposure of keyless-entry remote or smart keys to water. Be aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the replacement of the key or fob battery of your automobile.


As a driver, you should inspect the battery of your vehicle at least once every three years.

Pack an Emergency Kit:

A recent survey showed that over 40% of drivers don’t carry emergency kits in their vehicles. AAA recommends that every motorist should have an emergency kit that is well-stocked and includes a mobile phone with a car charger, a flashlight, a first-aid kit, drinking water, battery booster cables, emergency flares or reflectors, and so on.

Make sure you follow these steps, and you can feel much safer on the road. If it so happens, there are other issues that are wrong with your vehicle, or you have neglected one of the steps, you can rely on my company in Memphis, TN for a prompt arrival and effective service at any time of the day. Just dial (901) 300-7316 to speak with me. I’m looking forward to your call. Give me a call today!

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