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How to Avoid Reckless Drivers

Almost every driver has a terrifying story about a reckless driver on the road. Do you know how to avoid reckless drivers on the road? By adhering to the fundamentals of defensive driving, you can prevent an accident and contact a towing business for emergency road towing.

What is Defensive Driving?

Driving defensively is a means for drivers to employ safe driving techniques to steer clear of traffic dangers and reckless drivers. Unlike most driver’s education programs provided to new drivers, defensive driving courses go beyond teaching fundamental traffic laws.

Students who take defensive driving lessons get the ability to recognize potential dangers and practice making wise judgments while driving.

Defensive Driving Basics

Safety First

One of the most important components of defensive driving is to put safety first, regardless of the road’s state or other drivers’ actions. Cutting off other drivers or using a phone while driving are examples of aggressive and careless driving behaviors that drivers should avoid. Always buckle up and lock the doors.

Stay Focused

Be wary of other motorists and the state of the roads. Watch what’s happening in your mirrors, and ensure you examine the road ahead of your car at least 20 seconds before you need to. Keep an eye out for any pedestrians, animals, bikers, and motorcyclists on the road.

Follow the Four-Second Rule

Maintain a distance of at least 4 seconds between your car and those in front of you to ensure plenty of space between them. This distance enables you to stop in time to prevent an accident in an emergency.

Have an Escape Route

In all circumstances, drivers should park their cars where other drivers can see them. Defensive driving also includes making plans for a backup route in case of an unexpected obstruction.

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